Dog Crates

Like many people do with their dogs, we used a crate when our dog was a puppy for training purposes. It was our go-to solution when we needed her to be a good girl while we were not able to be there to watch her every move.

Crates are great for using when you just want your dog to settle down and not have to watch them so closely. We kept our puppy in her crate while we were away from time to time whether it was work, groceries or other places that life demanded.

The crate we used was the Pet Nation Port-A-Crate as seen below with our mini Goldendoodle Bailey looking out the top.

Goldendoodle puppy looking out the top of crate

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She was only eight weeks old in this picture and she hung out in her crate daily as I worked from my home office. She figured out that she could stand on a toy or pillow in order to see out the top. She loved being in it when she was a puppy.

I assume it made her feel comfortable and safe. She would sleep while I worked and then she’d peep out the top and start crying when it was time to go outside.

The great thing about this crate is that the top opens up. It allows some freedom for them to look out and not feel as though they are completely trapped.

The other great thing about this crate is that it folds up and is easy to carry or store away when not needed. That way you don’t have a big steel crate sitting in your house taking up space.

Yes, it is made of fabric but it is very strong and we never had any issues with her trying to tear the crate up to get out. This will depend on your dog but this one worked like a charm for our dog.

Puppy looking out crate door
Bailey in her crate the first night we brought her home