Mini F1b Goldendoodle
Our Mini Goldendoodle at 12 years old chillin on the couch

I’ll never forget the day we picked our Mini Goldendoodle up. We had been looking forward to this day for nearly two months. We had never owned a dog of our own and were excited but scared at the same time.

We were so happy when we got the call that she was ready to come home with us so we headed out on a two hour drive to go pick her up.

At 7 weeks old, we picked her up and our lives would never be the same after that.

Arriving at the house where she was located, we were greeted by a few fluffy Goldendoodle puppies and we weren’t sure exactly which one was ours. Once we had our little girl picked out, we were in love.

This was going to be the little rascal that we would raise and would become a major part of our family.

Along the way of raising our puppy into a well-behaved adult and now a senior, we learned nearly everything we could possibly know about Goldendoodles and dogs in general.

This website is all about sharing what we have learned about this great breed in order to help others make informed decisions. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy and a more loyal friend and we have been in love with our Mini Doodle for nearly 13 years now.

She’s always there for us in bad times to bring a smile to our face. She doesn’t judge and her happy go lucky personality takes your mind off even the most dreadful things in life.

There is no doubt that Goldendoodles make great family dogs. They are everything you’d want as a dog and they are very fun to be around. Doodle owners will talk about how silly they are and smart at the same time. They love to play but also chill out and become a comforting lap dog when needed.

What you’ll learn on this website.

  • All about Goldendoodles, including mini & standard ones. Also, information about Labradoodles as well as other doodle breeds.
  • Information regarding owning and caring for your dog.
  • Training your doodle to be a well behaved part of your family.
  • How to take care of your dog and products that can help make the job easier.
  • Helping your dog to age gracefully.
  • Ways to make your dogs life easier and happier.
  • And much more…

Why the name Doodle Proud

Like most dog owners, we are proud of our dog. Our doodle has become a major part of our lives and we are proud to be able to walk this journey of life with her. She makes every day better and cheers us up when we are feeling down.

We feel honored to be her parents and like any dog owner, we want the best for her. She is a part of our family just as any human would be.

We often hug and kiss her and tell her how proud we are to be a part of her life. We wish we could let her know just how thankful we are to have been chosen to be her parents. We love her more than she’ll ever know.

If you have a Goldendoodle or any other dog, you probably can relate. These animals come into our lives and make us love them in ways that we never imagined.

We hope you enjoy this site and are able to find the information you are looking for. We look forward to writing about our experiences and helping other doodle owners or soon-to-be doodle owners.