Can Goldendoodles Eat Bananas?

Bunch of bananas and slices

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Goldendoodles can eat bananas and love the sweet taste and texture. Bananas provide vitamins and nutrients and can be a great addition to your dogs daily eating routine as long as they are given in moderation. It is not recommended for them to eat the peel as this could cause problems.

Giving dogs treats other than what they normally eat may sound like a bad idea. However, there are some foods that dogs can eat that aren’t bad for them at all and even add additional health benefits.

Besides being a low calorie and low fat treat, bananas are loaded with healthy vitamins and can be beneficial to your dog. They are often a preferred choice to use as treats when compared to many commercially available treats that are high in sodium and fat.

Here are a few of the healthy vitamins and minerals that your Goldendoodle will get when they eat bananas.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Protein

Note: although bananas provide lots of nutrients for both dogs and humans, you should make sure not to overfeed them to your dog. Bananas also contain a high amount of natural sugars and should only be given in moderation.

The best way to feed them to your dog is raw and natural. A simple peeled banana makes the perfect treat for your dog. However, there are a few other ways that your Goldendoodle can enjoy this delicious fruit.

Can dogs eat banana chips?

Banana chips are very simple to make and can also be purchased from nearly any grocery store. There are some things to watch out for if you intend to purchase them.

banana chips

Make sure they have no added ingredients other than bananas. There should be no added sugar, salt or preservatives.

Some may have coconut oil added which should be fine. However, avoid those that contain natural flavors as this could mean nearly anything. Natural flavors are a concoction of flavors extracted from plants and animals so you never know exactly what it is.

As a best practice, it is always best to choose foods that have a minimal amount of ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about hidden dangers.

The best choice is to just make them at home yourself.

How to make healthy banana chips for your Goldendoodle

It’s easy enough to make banana chips that you should really never need to buy them. Bananas are cheap and all you need is a dehydrator or an oven and you can have healthy homemade banana chips.

If you do not have a dehydrator, here is the one that we use and recommend.

Banana slices and strawberries in dehydrator

This dehydrator allows us to dehydrate all kinds of fruits and vegetables and to make healthy treats for our dog. Bananas are among our favorite and they happen to be one of the easiest as well.

You simply slice the bananas into thin slices and then place into your dehydrator and then run the dehydrator for six to eight hours. Of course, this will also depend upon the dehydrator you have and the thickness of the banana slices.

You’ll want to read the instructions for your dehydrator to make sure they turn out perfect. Most of them come with a recipe book to help you make all kinds of healthy treats.

If you do not want to use a dehydrator, you may also use a standard oven. You would want to set your oven to a lower temperature, around 220 degrees F and allow them to bake for 90 minutes or so until the desired crispiness is reached.

Tip: dipping your banana slices in lemon juice before adding them to your dehydrator or oven will help to reduce oxidation. This will result in bananas that don’t turn brown and will look nice and appetizing once complete.

We prefer our banana chips to be chewy but it’s totally up to you and your dog as to how you want your banana chips to turn out. The longer you dehydrate them, the crunchier they will get.

It may take a few times to get it right but your dog will be thankful for the work you put in.

For an extra treat for your dog, try dipping banana chips in peanut butter before giving them to your dog. Dog’s also love peanut butter and what goes better together than these two combined?

Learn more about feeding your dog peanut butter.

Can dogs eat banana peels

Although the fruit of the banana is a great treat for your dog, you should avoid giving banana peels to them. The peels are not toxic but your Goldendoodle may have a difficult time digesting the high fiber skins.

To be safe, it is recommended to treat bananas for your dog the same way you do for yourself. Humans generally peel the banana and only eat the sweet fruit that is contained inside. This is the same way you should do it for your dog.

Simply peel the banana and pinch off small pieces for your dog and you shouldn’t have any issues.

As a safety precaution, you should always consult your vet before feeding something to your dog that he or she has never eaten before.

Can dogs eat banana bread?

Banana bread is a staple dessert for many people in the world. I love the smell of fresh banana bread in our house and we know it’s always time to bake some banana bread once we notice the bananas getting a little too ripe.

Loaf of banana bread

However, banana bread is probably not a good idea for your dog. It generally contains high amounts of added sugar and other ingredients that dogs should avoid.

When we bake banana bread, we often put only a few ingredients in it including flour, almond milk, flaxseed, coconut oil, maple syrup and rolled oats.

While all of these ingredients are fine for our dog, we choose not to give her this. We would rather stick with all natural banana chips or just raw banana slices rather than take a chance on something in our ingredient list making her sick.

If your banana bread recipe has only a few ingredients in it and contains nothing harmful for your dog, like raisins, it probably won’t hurt to give a few pieces.

However, I wouldn’t suggest making a habit of it.

Note: raisins are toxic to your dog so never give your dog banana bread that contains raisins.

If you would like to give your dog something other than just plain bananas or banana chips, the recipe below should help get you started.

Healthy treat recipe using bananas

You can often find healthy treats that contain very few ingredients for your dogs. However, the healthier the treat, the more expensive it is liable to be.

It’s simple to make recipes on your own that your dog will love and you will know exactly what is in them. Listed below is our go-to favorite.

Banana & peanut butter dog treats

This recipe is one that we make often for our Goldendoodle and it can be found here: 3 ingredient banana dog treats

As the name of this recipe implies, it uses only 3 ingredients and all are very healthy options for your dog. They contain bananas, peanut butter and oat flour. We simply grind up our own rolled oats in the blender to make oat flour.

The good thing about simple healthy treats like these is that humans can eat them too although they may not be as tasty as they will be to your pup.

Since humans are used to more sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, they will probably be a bit bland.

Although they do take a little more work than simply picking them up at the store, they are healthier for your dog.

Bottom line

Bananas can be a healthy addition to your dog’s daily treat allowance. Be sure to only think of bananas as treats so as not to overfeed them.

Like any treat, they should only be given in moderation and make up only a small percentage of your dog’s daily calories.

If you have never tried giving your Goldendoodle a piece of banana before, give it a try. You’ll see real quick whether or not they like them. Our dog loved it the first time we gave her a piece and she has been eating them ever since.

I eat a banana each morning in my oatmeal and she always hears when I break a banana off from the bunch. She comes running because she knows she always get two small slices. She looks forward to it and I look forward to making her happy.

Simply start with small pieces and see how your dog reacts. Be sure to stop immediately if you notice any adverse reactions to them eating them.

Although this isn’t common, each dog is different so for this reason, you should always consult your vet first. They will be able to tell you for sure whether your dog is ok to eat bananas.

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